Party Rentals in the Wild West: How to Throw an Epic LA Bash

You’re throwing a party at Los Angeles. Wow, what a trip you are in for. The city is like the wild-west of celebrations. Anything goes. LA is home to everything from beach parties that will make you think you’re on an isolated island, but without the stranding part. The kicker is that a successful bash will have people talking about it for weeks. This is where Opus Event Rentals services come in.

I’m here to tell you that diving into party rental is a lot like opening Pandora‚Äôs box, but in a positive way. The options are endless. There are tents and chairs that would look right at home in an art gallery, tables with a design that makes you question if it’s for eating, or just to admire, as well as tents which could be palaces. Let’s not even mention the decor. Do you want an elephant statue that is life size? You’re welcome. You want a discoball bigger than your vehicle? You can do it.

Here’s the tricky part – choosing what you really need, without overdoing it or looking like a yard sales gone wrong. The key is to strike a balance, and know the vibe that you are going for.

Consider tents. Not only are they a shelter from LA’s unpredictable weather, but also a mood enhancer. Imagine you opting for one of these big and beautiful white ones, with the curtains flapping in a breeze. String lights are a must! Enjoy an evening of magic under the stars.

The chairs and tables, however, are a different story. Don’t use those folding items that make you think of your school assembly. This is about sleek, unexpected designs that will make guests say “Wow I did not know sitting this comfortably could be so stylish.”

How about props, too? You can let your freaky side fly with props. Make your backyard a tropical oasis or an old Hollywood set, whatever you like.

Next, let’s talk about the technology – sound and lighting equipment. You’ve probably been to parties where it was impossible to see the floor or you had to shout above the music. This is not fun. Right gear can transform awkward shuffling on the dancefloor into magic, and make mumbled chats into unforgettable conversations.

I’ll give you my best advice. Don’t try it on your own unless, like Martha Stewart, you are a design expert with a steely nerve. Connect with an experienced rental company.

The people who work for these companies are like the fairies, except they do more. For example, instead of just offering pumpkins or mice they offer eco-friendly alternatives (because they love Mother Earth). They also ensure that your party will be lit up both literally and metaphorically.

While having options is wonderful, do not get too lost! You should decide what type of event you are planning. Do you prefer a small dinner in fairy lights under the stars or do a big festival with stage and sound system?

It’s time to get your party gear together and throw an awesome event in LA. Remember to be real. Stick to what you’ve decided and hide your credit cards.

Los Angeles party rental services: What’s the deal? The ride is worth it.