What Are The Steps Involved in Child Support Payment?

There are many cases where children face difficulties because their parents neglected them. Parents who abandon children before their young ages are the most common cause of problems. In cases like this, the Child Support TriCare Services bodies ensure that the state provides the right kind of care to the children so that they grow up as responsible and productive members of society.

Child Support Services, in order to be successful with the Child Support Initiative collection, has implemented several procedures that ensure parents assume full responsibility of their child. Child Support Services can be contacted by any parent, legal guardian who wants to collect child maintenance for their minor. A summary of the child support process is provided below.

Child Support services interview both the legal guardian and the parent in the first instance to determine the true facts. Child Support Services can only collect child support if it is convinced that a case fits the requirement. In addition, the legal guardian may also help in this process. Child Support Services must then test the suspected father, using DNA if possible, in order to prove that he is indeed the actual father. Prior to the court issuing orders on child and medical support, paternity must be established. As a matter of fact, the failure to establish paternity would mean that the case could not be pursued.

Next, you will need to find out if there’s already a child support court order. When the parents have been found, the judge will determine whether they can support the minor. In addition, the court will consider the length of time that parents spend with children and their financial needs. Child Support Services might also go to court asking for the participation of the parent who is not the primary caregiver. Child Support Services take various actions to ensure the noncustodial parental takes on responsibility based solely on the abilities of that parent.

The actions may be wage assignments, levies recorded on bank account, writs, attachments and real property liens, along with unemployment, disability, or other state intercept. At the end of this process, if the non-custodial child feels that the support agreement is unfair, they can make a formal request with the Child Support Services. The result will, however, depend on what the Child Support Services decides and if the non-custodial parent feels that the order is unfair.